In this section, the email sender settings can be configured. This is the email address from which the notifications will be sent from the website.

  • “From” Name- enter the name from which you want to send the email notifications
  • “From” Address- enter the actual email address from which you want all of the notifications to be sent

From this section, you can manage all of the email notifications that are being sent from ShopConstruct. All available notifications are listed below, the templates can be easily configured:

  • New Order- new order email is sent to the chosen recipient(s) each time a new order is placed
  • Downloadable Files- this type of email notification is sent when new download permissions are added to order
  • Cancelled Order- email notification is sent upon order cancellation
  • Failed Order- email notification upon unsuccessful order placement
  • Refunded Order- an email is sent when the previously placed order is refunded
  • Customer Invoice- an email notification sent to the customer upon successfully completed purchase