While using ShopConstruct, all the purchases the users made are being saved on the orders page. Once the order is placed, ShopConstruct will notify you by email change email settings from here.

Orders paid online usually show a Paid status, while the offline payment method is normally accompanied by Awaiting payment. Placed orders can be edited, so once you delivered the product and got paid, you can always change the payment status to completed.

In case you got an order, not from the website but still want to manage the stock from ShopConstruct, you can create an order from the admin panel. It is very easy to create custom orders from the plugin dashboard.
The listed orders are easily controlled, filtered and managed. The status of each order is showcased in the main list. The list includes particular Order related information such as:
Status, Order N, Purchased item QTY, Ship To, Date, Total (amount), Actions (Mark complete, Mark processing, Edit/View)