Besides receiving orders from your end users, you can place orders from the website dashboard as well. This option would be very useful if you are selling the same products on different websites. Placing orders from the dashboard will help you to easily manage product stock availability before reaching product threshold.
To place new order go to Orders page and click on big red Plus button. It will open a popup below:

General block in add order popup is for setting a status of order, mentioning the customer and placing the date of purchase.

Status field accepts one of 7 values below:

  • Pending Payment – default fulfillment status for all new orders, indicating you have not yet started working with the order.
  • Processing – indicates the order is in the process but is not yet fulfilled.
  • On hold – indicates the order is not completed but is put on hold.
  • Completed – means transaction passed and payment process completed successfully
  • Canceled – indicates the payment gateway could not authorize or charge the customer’s credit card or you have canceled the order.
  • Refunded – is reserved for orders your customers returned
  • Failed -mostly connected with PayPal error

Select the product supposed customer, add the billing and shipping details and click on the publish button.
After publishing the order, it will be listed in the Orders section of the plugin, among other orders.