Showcase and sell any type of products that you can imagine inside the ShopConstruct catalog. Include different product types starting from physical products that can be delivered to digital and downloadable products. The plugin will automatically give an option to download the product once the checkout process is successfully completed.

When adding a product, the first thing to decide is what type of product it is. Below are product types you can have using ShopConsturct:

  • Standard Product – covers the vast majority of products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options (e.g. a book).
  • Virtual Product – one that doesn’t require shipping. For example, a service, ticket or access. Enabling this disables all shipping related fields such as shipping dimensions. A virtual product will also not trigger the shipping calculator in cart and in checkout.
  • Downloadable Product – activates additional fields where you can add a downloadable file. After a successful purchase, customers are given a downloadable file as a link in the order notification email. This is suitable, for example, for a digital album, PDF magazine, or photo. Downloadable product type gives you additional field to upload a file – this is a file that users will get. From Settings > Products page you can manage the global settings of downloadable products.

By default all the products are on standard mode, you can set a type of product from product popup, using enable-disable options with appropriate names.