Apart from adding single products to the website, with ShopConstruct supports adding 2 types of grids as well. One of them is the Category Grid. In the process of adding a product, you choose a category (ies) for the product and assign those to the products. The products will be grouped under the categories and to display a group of images, you need to use this way of publishing products.
To display the products in a grid, copy the category shortcode, post it as a regular shortcode.

When creating a category, ShopConstruct automatically generates a page for the category. The construction of URLs below:


Shortcodes are provided in the categories list table. While the category page will display only the content that belongs to its shortcode can be published wherever you want.

In category page or publishing a shortcode, sub-categories will also be displayed above images (you can hide subcategories from [Style Settings]).

Publishing categories from block editor is also available.

Created categories will also appear on menu editor. So you can easily add your categories in your website navigation menus.