Published product can have a reviews section where users will be able to rate the product from 1 to 5 stars rating and leave feedback. All this data will be beautifully represented in Reviews management page. You can sort the list of reviews by stars and also edit or delete reviews if needed 😉

Although if you don’t want to display reviews on the product page you are always allowed to disable review section for products.

All the submitted reviews and ratings for the shop product are listed and showcased in the Reviews tab of the plugin. All of those can be managed from one place. Use product reviews and ratings option to analyze and control the quality of the service delivered to your end users. All the submitted reviews and ratings can be modified.

To manage product Review and Rating section, go to the Settings tab> Products. The plugin has the following options to set up:

  • Enable ratings on reviews
  • Ratings are required to leave a review
  • Show ‘verified owner’ label for customer reviews
  • Only allow reviews from ‘verified owners’